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Tin Oxide, Stannic Oxide, Tin (IV) Oxide, SnO2, 99.8%



High purity tin oxide produced from tin metal. is an innert white powder, comprising agregates of swpherical primary particles. Non-flamable. Specific gravity 6.99.
Tin oxide is highly (chemically and thermally) stable material. Its inertness is the reason for its environmentally friendly and non-toxic profile.
Tin oxides offer versatility to ceramics and is stable at high termperatures. Chemically inert, its application in ceramics allows for a wide range of colours and characteristics.
CAS No.: 18282-10-5
EINECS No.: 2421590
Particle sizes are as follows:
Finer than 10 Micron, typical 97%, Range 90% to 100%
Finer than 5 Micron, typical 95%, Range 90% to 100%
Finer than 2 Micron, typical 92%, Range 81% to 100%
Finer than 1 Micron, typical 86%, Range 47% to 97%
Finer than 0.5 Micron, typical 69%, Range 50% to 85%
Surface area (BET): 4 to 8 m2/g
Tap density: 1400 g/L


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